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Digital and Online Publishing Toolbox

Digital Magazine Fact BookDigital Magazine Fact Book

Over 100 pages of magazine trends and research on tablets, e-readers, social media and smartphones, providing insight into the reader’s relationship with digital content and advertising. View the latest Digital Magazine Fact Book.

Canada Digital Year in Review

The comScore 2010 Canada Digital Year in Review offers a macro view of the overarching trends in digital media usage in Canada, and considers their implications for navigating the year ahead. The report analyzes trends including overall Internet usage, high-growth categories, online display advertising, online video, search and mobile.

Online Courses

A series of online courses put together by the Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) and Magazines Canada. Presented by experts in the field, the courses offer valuable wisdom on topics ranging from circulation to editorial—all focused on launching a successful online presence for your magazine.

  • Digitization of Advertising: Led by Jacqueline Howe, you'll learn about marketing's new vocabulary, search engine optimization, the business side of social media and much more.
  • Digitization of Circulation: Jon Spencer of Abacus Circulation Inc. demonstrates how to assess new circulation opportunities in the digital realm, and how to prioritize these new options. 
  • Digitization of Editorial: Jacqueline Kovacs, former deputy editor of Today's Parent, will tell you the big difference between a reader and a user and show you how a web presence not only supplements print publications, but offers a whole new kind of experience. 
  • Digitization of Production: Kim Latreille will take you through the evolution of digital and online production, right up to today.

Magazines in the Digital Age

Our Magazines in the Digital Age brochure offers tips on how to create and sell digital editions. Go through different options available for publishers, find the best strategy for your brand and reach digital success with this how-to guide.


Want to hear from the experts? Listen to an AudioMag, Magazines Canada's podcast series featuring new views, opinion and timely information from the industry's best and brightest.

  • Episode 40 discusses how to engage an influential audience in the digital media landscape. Featuring Nick Blunden, Global Managing Director and Publisher of the Economist Online.
  • Episode 42 talks with Popular Mechanics about creating successful iPad and tablet editions. Featuring James Meigs, Editor-in-Chief of Popular Mechanics.
  • Episode 44 talks about what publishers and advertisers are doing to break through the media landscape to connect with their audiences, and why there are opportunities in mobile and video. Featuring Bryan Segal, Vice President of comScore.
  • Episode 52 gives tips for small publishers on mobile content and what they can do to target the mobile web market. Featuring Greg Sullivan of Swivel Base.
  • Episode 53 takes a look at how publishers can save time, money and frustration by designing a single website that works effectively on any browser or device. Featuring Aidan Foster, President of Foster Interactive.
  • Episode 58 is all about blogging and how best to maintain ties with your readers via your website and e-newsletters. Featuring Kat Fox, Assistant Editor of Garden Making.
  • Episode 60 advises where publishers should be concentrating their efforts in social media. Featuring Tom Gierasimczuk, Editor-in-Chief of BCBusiness and Vice President of Editorial at Canada Wide Media.
  • Episode 68 talks about how publishers can capitalize on the huge growth and demand for content marketing, and why magazines have the tools and skill set to work with brands and tell stories. Featuring Shannon Emmerson, Founder and Director of Forge & Spark Media.

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