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Business Media Toolbox

Business Media Leadership Summit

An annual invite-only event for senior business media executives in Canada focused on cultivating business media strategies that will work in Canada and beyond. Each Summit features an international keynote speaker, as well as a panel discussion with Canadian business media experts. Highlights of 2009 and 2010 keynote speakers Jonah Bloom, Editor, Ad Age and Charles McCurdy, Chairman and CEO of Apprise Media LLC are available online on the topics of "Strategies to Monetize Content" and "Sponsorships vs. CPM Sales for B2B Online," respectively.

Business Media Fact Book

The Fact Book compiles industry trends and the latest and greatest industry research to form a useful resource for media planners, advertisers and magazine professionals. In a simple, factual way, the Business Media Fact Book demonstrates how B2B media platforms get noticed, generate leads, initiate consideration, assist negotiation and, ultimately, make business happen!

B2B Publishing in the Digital Space

Niel Hiscox, President of Universus Media Group and former Vice President of Publishing at CLB Media Inc., discusses the rapid transition of Business-to-Business Publishing into the Digital Space. Servicing the many and varied needs of business sector professionals, business media are evolving into 360º marketing providers, surrounding their audiences with print, online, mobile and event touch points.

Business Media Studies

Funded by the Canadian Business Press and the Ontario Media Development Corporation, a study released by Starch Research shows that the internet's influence from the 90s up to 2010. White papers inspired by the 2013 and 2014 Leadership Summits were prepared by consultants John Milne and D.B. Scott. Each white paper captures the essence of the presentations, the questions that arose and the informal discussions that made up the summit:


Want to hear from the experts? Listen to an AudioMag, Magazines Canada's podcast series featuring new views, opinion and timely information from the industry's best and brightest.

  • Episode 11 shares winning sales strategies for consumer and B2B media sales, and discusses where to find new revenue streams. Featuring Helen Berman, President of the Berman Sales Institute.
  • Episode 20 looks at Venture Publishing's success and strategies in the globalized multi-platform universe. Featuring Ruth Kelly, President and Publisher of Venture Publishing Inc.
  • Episode 23 examines trends and technologies emerging in business-to-business publishing—monetizing innovations, tapping social media and more. Featuring Ian Bedwell, Director of Mediastraat B.V.
  • Episode 40 takes a look at how to engage an influential audience in the digital media landscape. Featuring Nick Blunden, Global Managing Director and Publisher of the Economist Online.

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