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FAQ for New and Would-Be Publishers


1. What computer layout programs do designers use?

Most designers use Adobe InDesign to do their layout. Other applications that are used include Quark Xpress, Adobe PageMaker, Corel Ventura and Adobe FrameMaker. Desktop publishing programs are not used for professional magazine publishing.

2. Can I use another magazine’s design?

Many designers use elements they admire in other magazines’ design. Checking out other publications is a great way to get ideas for fonts, colour, placement of graphics, etc. for your own magazine. But completely copying somebody else’s design would defeat the purpose of publishing a new magazine with its own personality. And designs change—they evolve with the magazine.

3. How do I print my magazine?

To print your magazine, you must contract a printer. It’s important to find the right printer for you and to develop a good business relationship with them.

You don’t necessarily need to work with a printer in your area; you can send your print-ready files to printers anywhere via email or an FTP site. Quality and price are the priorities.

4. How do I find a printer?

If you’re having trouble knowing where to start looking, call a few publishers whose books you admire and ask them what printer they use. In addition, you can use a print broker—somebody who shops around to get you the best deal. Other resources for finding printers include industry listings such as Magazines Canada’s Online Marketplace.

5. Can I use photos I find online in my magazine?

You must obtain permission from the primary rights owner before printing anything in your magazine.

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