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FAQ for New and Would-Be Publishers

Marketing and Advertising

1. I want to hire an advertising representative—where should I look?

Finding an ad sales rep can be a challenge for smaller magazines. Advertising agencies often don’t want to work with magazines that have relatively low circulation, because their commissions won’t be significant enough to make the effort worth their while. You need to find someone who is friendly, quick-witted and who doesn’t quit. It doesn’t necessarily matter if this person is already a salesperson—if they are equipped with the right personality.

2. Why do so many literary magazines carry ads for each other?

Many magazines swap advertising space with one another. It’s a great way to gain exposure.

3. What is a standard price for an advertisement?

There is no standard price, but publishers do set their prices competitively. The cost of a page of advertising is based on CPM, which means "cost per thousand." Each magazine has a different CPM, based on how many readers the magazine can legitimately claim. Find a copy of CARD (Canadian Advertising Rates and Data) at your local library to find listings of magazines’ circulation and advertising rates.

4. I don’t want ads in my magazine, but how will I make money?

Most magazines have advertising to different degrees. Magazines that have no advertising generate revenue from circulation (subscribers and newsstand sales), fundraising and selling ancillary products.

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