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FAQ for New and Would-Be Publishers


1. How do I find writers?

Attend industry events (e.g. Word on the Street), place a listing in the annual Writer’s Market, place advertisements (for instance in other magazines), consult writers’ associations (such as PWAC), and network. Read widely for writing that you enjoy and don’t discount the power of CARD (Canadian Advertising Rates and Data) as a resource that writers consult. The Editors Association of Canada and the Writers Union of Canada also have searchable databases of editors and writers available to the public.

» 2. What do various editorial positions mean?

» 3. I have content. How do I start?

» 4. How do I reprint things from other sources?

» 5. What is a typical editorial-to-advertising ratio?

» 6. Do I need insurance against libel?

» 7. Do I need to make a prototype of my magazine?

» 8. My content is excellent. How do I find readers?

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