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FAQ for New and Would-Be Publishers


1. What is circulation?

Circulation refers to the process of reaching readers, and is sometimes overlooked by new and would-be publishers. While little known to laypeople, circulation is extremely significant to magazine publishing.

There are many different models of circulation. Readers can be reached through subscriptions, the newsstand, and in other venues, and a magazine can either have paid circulation or free circulation. The difference lies in whether people pay to read your magazine or whether they pick it up or have it delivered to them for free.

There are some  basic truths about circulation: Canadian magazines are driven by subscription revenues; renewals are cheaper to attain than new readers from the newsstand; and circulation is immensely useful in researching and understanding your readers, which means it’s important to your advertisers.

To learn more about circulation, check out the Professional Development section of our website. You can also consult these resources: Small Magazine Circulation Handbook, Online Circulation Promotions, Subscription Sources That Really Work, Make Your Renewal Series Sing and Business Tips For Literary Magazines.

» 2. How do I get a business reply envelope or card?

» 3. Can I estimate the circulation size of my new magazine?

» 4. How much should my subscriptions cost?

» 5. Lots of people tell me they love my magazine, so where are all the subscribers?

» 6. Why do some magazines come with my newspaper?

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