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New Hotsheet: Marketing in the Age of CASL

Date April 16, 2015 Author Categories Professional Development

Now that CASL (Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation) is a permanent fixture in our daily lives, you're probably wondering how we can move past its limitations and continue to send e-newsletters and other forms of "Commercial Electronic Messages" (CEMs) without fear of breaking the law. Luckily, if you read this hotsheet you can follow the guidance kindly prepared by two CASL legal experts, Keith Rose and Daniel Glover of McCarthy Tétrault*.  This hotsheet is not to be missed if you're having...

New Hotsheet: Telling Better Stories

Date April 9, 2015 Author Categories Professional Development

Listen up, writers, reporters, freelancers: if you want to tell better stories in your writing, this is the hotsheet for you! Adapted from last year's popular MagNet session led by acclaimed journalist, edititor and consultant Kim Pittaway, this hotsheet breaks down 75 awesome ways to make your stories more engaging from "pitch to promotion."  The tips you'll take away from this hotsheet cover finding, pitching, researching, writing and promoting your stories so you can make the most out...

AudioMag 85: Editorial Packages that Pack a Punch

Date April 6, 2015 Author Categories Professional Development

Magazines Canada brings you AudioMag, a podcast series featuring new views, opinions and timely information from the best in Canadian and international publishing. Episode 85: MagNet 2014 speaker Ilana Weitzman , Editor in Chief of EnRoute , discusses the planning behind the magazine's annual dining guide. Learn how to create stellar editorial packages that generate buzz for your magazine and keep your readers coming back for more. Find more episodes of AudioMag at...

Celebrate National Poetry Month the Edible Way!

Date March 31, 2015 Author Categories Professional Development

Food & Poetry, the theme for National Poetry Month April 2015, was inspired by an impressive speech from Vancouver's Poet Laureate, Rachel Rose: "Everyone has something to say about food, whether it is the activist challenging the cruelties of conventional farming, the exile remembering the waft of spices on lost streets, or the child writing about the sockeye salmon she buys at Granville Island. Food is personal, political, sensual, and powerful. It concerns every one of us. It's time...

New Hotsheet: Fact Checking 101

Date March 27, 2015 Author Categories Professional Development

You've probably heard the saying "check yo self before you wreck yo self" (thanks to the Ice Cube song), but the sentiment applies when it comes to fact-checking stories in magazines. So, if your magazine needs a quick brush-up on the art of fact checking in this era of fast-paced publishing, then you definitely want to "check yo self" and read our new hotsheet! Written by the illustrious Editor-in-Chief of  Taddle Creek (well-regarded for its high editorial standards ), Conan Tobias...

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