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Event Roundup: May and June 2015

Date May 20, 2015 Author Categories Professional Development

We're back with our monthly roundup of courses, webinars, conferences and special events for magazine professionals! This time, we're looking ahead to May and June. Here's what's happening in the magazine world (and, as always, let us know if we've missed any events in the comments!): Words in 3D 2015: Intersections (Edmonton) Dates: May 22–24, 2015 Words in 3D is billed as three conferences in one: tackling writing, editing and publishing, and how they interact and intersect....

New Hotsheet: Boost Your Brand with Events

Date May 14, 2015 Author Categories Professional Development

As magazine media continues to grow revenues outside of print, events are an increasingly attractive touchpoint for your brand's audience. Does your magazine have an events plan in place for inceasing your audience? If not, you're in luck: our new hotsheet is all about making events work for you. Inside, Jacqueline Kovacs talks to  Canadian Living about what their recipe for event success is, and how you can make it work for your brand.  Magazines Canada members can download the...

New Hotsheet: Marketing Your Magazine to Libraries

Date May 7, 2015 Author Categories Professional Development

If you've read last week's hotsheet , "Understanding the Library Market," then you should be ready for this one: "Marketing Your Magazine to Libraries," also by Jon Spencer. Inside, you'll get a glimpse into the mind of a librarian: why they order the magazines that they do, and how you can make your magazine one of them! Jon covers several tips and ideas to get your magazine on librarians' lists, including: going to librarian conferences, asking your readers to request your magazine at...

AudioMag 87: Dominique Ritter

Date May 4, 2015 Author Categories Professional Development

Magazines Canada brings you AudioMag, a podcast series featuring new views, opinions and timely information from the best in Canadian and international publishing. Episode 87 : In this encore episode, Dominique Ritter , Managing Editor of Reader’s Digest , discusses the success of long-form journalism on their website, and the recent redesign of the iconic RD brand. Learn how the Canadian publishing powerhouse retained a consistent voice and look while getting a fresh, new...

New Hotsheet: Understanding the Library Market

Date April 30, 2015 Author Categories Professional Development

Could your circ numbers use a boost? Then you might want to check out this week's hotsheet, "Understanding the Library Market for Magazines" by Jon Spencer of Abacus Circulation. Inside, you'll find out just how lucrative the library market could be for your publication...there's more libraries out there than you think! Also inside: details on how libraries make their orders and how you can tell if your publication might be a good fit, in addition to a variety of resources to get you...

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