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AudioMag 102: Jennifer Goldberg on Enewsletters

Date April 21, 2016 Author Categories Professional Development

Newletters are tried and true workhorses for publishers. Their staying power is a testament to the successes that they can deliver when done well. Are you doing all you can on the newsletter front to engage readers with your content and deliver value to advertisers? Key to a successful enewsletter strategy is having a solid understanding of your readership, their likes, and what they come to you for. So dig into your data to see what your readers are engaging with. "You are offering...

AudioMag 101: Vera Asanin on Achieving Success in the Workplace

Date April 7, 2016 Author Categories Professional Development

There's a lot influencing workplaces today: economic challenges, demographic challenges, globalization and rapidly changing technology. Those four key realities are impacting organizational success, and at times hindering the potential to create positive work environments where employees can thrive. Vera Asanin is the president of Your Workplace , which inspires people to create a thriving work culture where fear is banished and change embraced. She'll lead Go Big, Go Agile at...

AudioMag 100: Ryan Dohrn on Selling Backwards

Date March 24, 2016 Author Categories Professional Development

The traditional approach to ad sales has been one of bringing a product to an advertiser and asking them for money in exchange for sharing their ad with an audience. But when the recession hit in 2008, combined with the challenge of selling for digital platforms, Ryan Dohrn saw sales team after sales team hit a wall. So he did something drastic: he tore apart that traditional model. Ryan Dohrn, CEO of media sales training firm Brain Swell Media, is the author of Selling Backwards ,...

Toolkit: Events to Boost Audience, Brand and Revenue

Date March 17, 2016 Author Categories Professional Development

More and more magazines are using live events to connect with their readers and promote their brand to wider audiences, often leveraging the brand to partner with sponsors. Our toolkit has resources for magazines of all sizes on creating successful, profitable events! Hotsheet: Events Boost Your Brand Jackie Kovacs talks to Tracy Finkelstein, senior director of marketing, communications and events at TC Media about the best ways to make your brand's events shine. magBlast:...

AudioMag 99: Garth Atkinson on Circulation Strategy

Date March 10, 2016 Author Categories Professional Development

It's surprising, given that circulation is the life-blood of the magazine industry, how frequently it's overlooked or neglected. According to Garth Atkinson, president of Publication Partners, publishers need to focus more effort on including circulation in their overall strategies. "I did a seminar for a client and we did an evaluation of their audience and we found they were totally ignoring a certain audience," says Atkinson in the latest episode of Magazines Canada's AudioMag...

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