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Magazines Canada Distribution

425 Adelaide St. West, Suite 700
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 3C1
Phone: 416.504.0274
Fax: 416.504.0437

Executive Director, Circulation Marketing: Barbara Bates x229 
Retail Accounts Manager: Chris Chambers x233 
Newsstand Coordinator: Anna Wellman x240 

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MAGAZINES CANADA NEWSSTAND MARKETING—Bringing Canada’s Best Magazines To Your Newsstand

We have a firm commitment to Canadian magazines and specialize in independent and specialty stores and their customers.

We offer the highest discount in the country! We distribute almost 200 titles across Canada.

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2. Choose Your Magazines

Order Magazine Category Frequency
  qty Aboriginal Business diversity 4x
  qty Acadiensis city & regional 2x
  qty Accenti arts & design 4x
  qty Alberta Views city & regional 10x
  qty ANOKHI diversity 4x
  qty Antigonish Review literature 4x
  qty Applied Arts design 5x
  qty Arc Poetry Magazine literature 2x
  qty Bad Day arts & design 4x
  qty BCBusiness business & finance 12x
  qty Below the Belt sports & leisure 4x
  qty Best Books for Kids & Teens literature 2x
  qty Biosphère science & nature 6x
  qty BlackFlash arts & design 3x
  qty Border Crossings arts & design 4x
  qty bout de papier social issues 4x
  qty Brainspace kids & teens 4x
  qty Breathe sports & leisure 4x
  qty Briarpatch social issues 8x
  qty Brick literature 2x
  qty Broken Pencil literature 4x
  qty C Magazine arts & design Quarterly in September, December, March and June
  qty Canada's History (formerly The Beaver) general interest 6x
  qty Canadian Antiques & Vintage special interest 6x
  qty Canadian Art arts & design 4x
  qty Canadian Aviator hobbies 6x
  qty Canadian Children's Book News literature 4x
  qty Canadian Coin News hobbies 26x
  qty Canadian Dimension social issues 6x
  qty Canadian Geographic general interest 6 Regular issues PLUS 4 bonus Travel issues
  qty Canadian Geographic Travel travel & destinations 4x
  qty Canadian Home Trends home & garden 4x
  qty Canadian Horse Health Annual, The animals 1x
  qty Canadian Horse Journal animals 10x
  qty Canadian Journal of Film Studies / Revue canadienne d'études cinématographiques literature 2x
  qty Canadian Journal of History / Annales canadiennes d'histoire general interest 3x
  qty Canadian Screenwriter entertainment 3x
  qty Canadian Stamp News hobbies 26x
  qty Canadian Stories literature 6x
  qty Canadian Thoroughbred sports & leisure 7x
  qty Canadian Wildlife science & nature 6x
  qty Canadian Woman Studies / Les cahiers de la femme social issues 3x
  qty Capilano Review, The literature 3x
  qty Carousel arts & design 2x
  qty Celtic Life International entertainment 4x per year
  qty chickaDEE kids & teens 10x
  qty chirp kids & teens 10x
  qty Cinema Scope entertainment 4x
  qty Claremont Review literature 2x
  qty CNQ: Canadian Notes & Queries literature 3x
  qty Comics and Gaming Magazine hobbies 6x
  qty Contemporary Verse 2 literature 4x
  qty Corporate Knights business & finance 4x
  qty Cottage Life home & garden 6x
  qty Cottage Life West travel & destinations 6x
  qty Coupe arts & design Annually (1X)
  qty Curb arts & design 3x
  qty DA (A Journal of the Printing Arts) arts & design 2x
  qty Dalhousie Review literature 3x
  qty Dance Current, The arts & design 6x
  qty Dance International arts & design 4x
  qty Descant literature 4x
  qty Diplomat & International Canada social issues 6x
  qty Double Dot fashion & style Bi-annual
  qty Downhome city & regional 12x
  qty EcoParent family & parenting 4x
  qty Education Canada education 4x
  qty Education Today education 3x
  qty Eighteen Bridges social issues 4x
  qty ELQ / Exile: the Literary Quarterly literature 4x
  qty Espace arts & design 3x
  qty esse arts + opinions arts & design 3 issues / year
  qty EVENT literature 3x
  qty Existere - Journal of Arts and Literature literature Biannual
  qty explore sports & leisure 4x
  qty Faith Today diversity 6x
  qty Feathertale Review, The literature 1 issue every 8 to 10 months
  qty Fiddlehead, The literature 4x
  qty filling Station literature 3x per year
  qty FreeFall literature 3x
  qty Fusion arts & design 3x
  qty Garden Making home & garden 4x
  qty Geez special interest 4x
  qty Geist literature 4x
  qty Georgian Bay Today city & regional 4x
  qty Grain literature 4x
  qty Hauntopolis hobbies 2x
  qty Herizons women's interest 4x
  qty Horse Canada animals 6x
  qty Horse Country animals 8x
  qty Horse Sport animals 12x
  qty Humanist Perspectives social issues 4x
  qty Humber Literary Review literature 2x
  qty Inroads social issues 2x
  qty Inter, art actuel arts & design 3 / year
  qty Inuit Art Quarterly arts & design 4x
  qty Journal of Motherhood social issues 2x
  qty Kayak: Canada's History Magazine for Kids kids & teens 4x
  qty Labour/Le Travail social issues 2x
  qty Literary Review of Canada (LRC) literature 10x
  qty Little Brother literature 2x
  qty Maisonneuve general interest 4x
  qty Malahat Review literature 4x
  qty Matrix literature 4x
  qty Millions arts & design 3x
  qty Montage arts & design 2x
  qty MONTECRISTO Magazine general interest Quarterly
  qty Mosaic, a journal for the interdisciplinary study of literature literature four times per year
  qty Musicworks arts & design 3x
  qty Muskoka Magazine travel & destinations 10x
  qty MX and Off-Road auto & cycle 6
  qty Nashwaak Review literature 1x
  qty Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine literature 3x
  qty New Quarterly, The literature 4x
  qty Newfoundland & Labrador Studies literature 2x
  qty Newfoundland Quarterly city & regional 4x
  qty NUVO Magazine general interest Quarterly
  qty On Spec literature 4x
  qty OnSite Review arts & design 2x
  qty Open Letter literature 3x
  qty Open Minds Quarterly literature 4x
  qty Opera Canada entertainment 4x
  qty Ornamentum arts & design 2x
  qty Our Times social issues 6x
  qty Outdoor Canada sports & leisure 6x
  qty Outdoor Canada Fishing sports & leisure 1x
  qty Outdoor Canada Hunting sports & leisure 1x
  qty Outpost travel & destinations 6x
  qty OWL kids & teens 10x
  qty Pacific Rim Review of Books literature 3x
  qty Peace Magazine social issues 4x
  qty Pilot Pocket Book arts & design 2x
  qty Poetry Is Dead literature 2x
  qty Point of View arts & design 4x
  qty Prairie Fire literature 4x
  qty Prairie Journal literature 2x
  qty Prefix Photo arts & design 2x
  qty PRISM international literature 4x
  qty Public arts & design 2x
  qty Queen's Quarterly social issues 4x
  qty Quench food & drink 8x
  qty Quill & Quire literature Published 10 times each year.
  qty QWERTY literature 1-2x
  qty Rampike literature 2x
  qty Resources for Feminist Research / Documentation sur la recherche féministe women's interest 2 issues per year
  qty Rhubarb diversity 4x
  qty Ricepaper Magazine diversity 4x
  qty Riddle Fence literature 3x
  qty ROM Magazine general interest 4x
  qty Room literature 4x
  qty Rotman Management business & finance Three times per year (January, May, and September)
  qty Ryerson Review of Journalism news 2x
  qty Saltscapes city & regional 6x
  qty Saltscapes Travel travel & destinations 1x
  qty SHE Canada fashion & style 6x
  qty Side Street Review arts & design 4x
  qty SkyNews hobbies 6x
  qty Socialist Worker social issues Monthly
  qty Spacing arts & design 3x
  qty Studies in Canadian Literature / Études en littérature canadienne literature 2x
  qty Studio arts & design 2x
  qty subTerrain literature 3x
  qty Swedish Press diversity 10x
  qty Taddle Creek literature 2x/year
  qty TAPS The Beer Magazine food & drink 4x
  qty Tesla Magazine science & nature 4x
  qty United Church Observer diversity 11x
  qty University Affairs / Affaires universitaires education 10x
  qty UPPERCASE arts & design 4x
  qty Upping The Anti social issues 2x
  qty Vallum: New International Poetics literature bi-annual
  qty Vie des Arts arts & design 4x
  qty Visual Arts News arts & design 3x
  qty Walrus, The general interest 10x
  qty Watershed Sentinel social issues 5x
  qty West Coast Line literature 3x
  qty Western Horse Review animals 12x
  qty Western Living city & regional 10x
  qty WILD science & nature 8x
  qty Windsor Review literature 2x
  qty Windspeaker diversity 12x
  qty Women & Environments International Magazine women's interest 2-4x
  qty WORN Fashion Journal arts & design 2x
  qty Your Workplace social issues 6x
  qty ZAMOOF! kids & teens 6x

3. Submit your order

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