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Magazines Ontario

State of the Industry

In November 2008, Magazines Ontario welcomed an OMDC-commissioned study of the Ontario Magazine Industry. The genesis for this study by the TCI Group was a meeting of Magazines Canada leaders almost two years ago, led by Deb Rosser and Ontario Media Development Corporation Chair Kevin Shea. Magazines Ontario leaders Sharon McAuley, Matt Robinson, Pat Walsh, Terry Sellwood and Mark Jamison worked with OMDC research staff and TCI Group to bring this key study to fruition. 


Ontario Media Development Corporation: Towards A Strategic Plan: Helping Ontario firms compete in the global creative media market.

Industry Profile: Magazine Publishing


Magazines Ontario submitted its 2011 Ontario pre-budget submission on January 19, 2011.

Government Competition

Magazines Canada is involved in lobbying for the discontinuation of Food & Drink magazine, which is owned and operated by the Ontario government (LCBO). This campaign is centered on lifting government competition in general, and the fact that Canadian magazines deserve a level playing field in their domestic market. Read Magazines Canada's full policy on government competition.


On November 17, 2008, the Ontario government released the proposed Accessible Information and Communications Standard for a public review period. A standards development committee, composed of representatives from the disability and business communities, developed the proposed standard. The proposed standard outlines how businesses and organizations may be required to provide accessible public information in various formats such as online, print, verbal and digital. Magazines Canada is informing Ontario publishers and asking that they respond to the proposal.

Cultural Contributions

In 2007, Magazines Canada prepared the document Ontario Cultural Magazines - A Summary to present to the Ontario Arts Council (OAC). This document details the economic and creative contributions of Ontario "cultural" magazines, and was met with strong favour. Positive changes to the OAC's magazine policy were made shortly after this submission.

In December 2006, Magazines Canada commissioned the Economic Contribution of the Canadian Magazine Industry study, with funding assistance from OMDC. This study’s central focus is the net economic impact of the Canadian magazine industry on the Canadian economy.

Tax Credits

Our Position: That the Government of Ontario should provide Canadian-controlled, Ontario-based magazines with a refundable, tiered tax credit, based on labour and other input costs for original content and marketing costs. While the other cultural media in Ontario have tax credit facilities available to them and magazines do not, the magazine industry’s position is not driven by a sense of inequality. It is driven by a real knowledge of real opportunity. Read about our rationale for an Ontario magazines tax credit.

Waste Diversion

Since 2004, "Blue Box" levies in Ontario have increased over 2,500 per cent. Ontario publishers are environmentally responsible, and are registered with and pay fees to Stewardship Ontario, and yet:

  • The Government of Ontario has no mechanism to levy foreign companies
  • Initiatives to identify "first importer" status, e.g. trying to levy foreign-based publishers through their Canadian-based wholesalers/distributors and mailers, have not worked
  • As a result, US-based magazines (contributing majority volume) and Canadian wholesalers are currently receiving a free ride

Read our recommendations on Ontario Waste Diversion.

Blue Box Facts & Remedies (April 15, 2009) 

Last update: January 19, 2011

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