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Reading Materials for Independent and Cultural Magazines

These one-page articles, or "hotsheets," were prepared by Magazines Canada to help you manage your magazine. Each hotsheet delivers current information on a single topic, written by an expert in the field. They are free to download...simply click the link below to read the piece that interests you.


  1. 10 Newsstand Tips for Niche Publishers, by Scott Bullock
  2. 10 Time-Saving Tips for Designers, by Tammy Leung
  3. Creating an Agreement for Freelance Writers, by Jessica Ross
  4. Developing a Digital Subscriber Base, by Gwen Roberts
  5. Fundraising 101, by Lisa Whittington-Hill
  6. How Small Publishers can Handle Objections from Potential Advertisers, by Melissa Ahlstrand
  7. How to Rank Higher on Google for Critical Search Phrases, by Don Lange
  8. How to Write a Good Assignment Letter, by Jessica Ross
  9. Responding to Late Ad Sales Under Tight Production Deadlines, by Suzy Williamson
  10. Succession Planning for Small Mags, by Kim Jernigan
  11. Tips for Writing Query Letters that Sell, by David Hayes
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