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Reading Materials for Independent and Cultural Magazines

These one-page articles, or "hotsheets," were prepared by Magazines Canada to help you manage your magazine. Each hotsheet delivers current information on a single topic, written by an expert in the field. They are free to download...simply click the link below to read the piece that interests you.


  1. 8 Tips for Creating an Engaging, Cost-Effective Podcast, by Tina Pittaway
  2. 11 Tips to Help You Sell More Single Copies, by Scott Bullock
  3. The ABCs of E-Newsletters, by Martin White
  4. Ad Sales 101, by Gwen Dunant
  5. Blogging for Magazines, by Kat Tancock
  6. Eight Ways Editorial Can Respond to Late Ad Changes, by Jessica Ross
  7. How to Have Fun: The This Magazine Guide to Successful Launch Events, by Lisa Whittington-Hill
  8. How to Make Twitter Work for Your Magazine, by Kim Pittaway
  9. Readership Surveys for B2B, by Sharlene Clarke
  10. RFP.... A Salesperson's Three Favourite Letters, by Melissa Ahlstrand
  11. Speaking in Code: Obtaining Bipads and UPCs for You and Your Magazine, by Gavin Babstock
  12. Walking the Tightrope: How B2Bs Can Keep Ad Away From Edit, by Mira Shenker
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