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Get The Latest Tips & Tricks With These Hotsheets

These one-page articles, or "hotsheets," were prepared by Magazines Canada to help you manage your magazine. Each hotsheet delivers current information on a single topic, written by an expert in the field.

This year, you can look forward to hotsheets on maximizing and specializing your use of Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, as well as tips on how to ensure your content is accurate, what podcasting can do for your brand, how small magazines can boost their HR practices, and much more.

They are free to download...simply click the link below to read the piece that interests you.


How To Develop a Social Content Strategy That Works For You, by Dominique Ritter
Cutting Through the Noise: Digital Accuracy by Craig Silverman
Gold Star HR for Smaller Magazines by Jenn Farrell and Melissa Edwards
Five Lessons on YouTube Success for Magazines by Jennifer Goldberg
Instagram for Magazines by Kat Tancock
Twitter Success: A Q&A With The Walrus by Kat Tancock
Cultivating a Community on LinkedIn For Your Business Publication by Kerry Freek
How To Make Pinterest Work For Your Magazine Brand by Kim Pittaway
How Small Magazines Can Make and Post Videos Cheaply and Easily by Kyle Shay
Generating Engagement on Facebook by Lauren Reyes-Grange
Is Charitable Status Right For Your Publication? by Stacey May Fowles
Is There a Place For Podcasting In Your Publication? by Tina Pittaway

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