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What You Need to Know about Web Analytics

Jul 24, 2014

In case you missed it, we've compiled the top takeaways from TC Media production marketing manager Yen Duong's impressive MagNet 2014 session "What Every Circulator Should Know about Web Analytics."

Here are key tips for your magazine's analytics strategy:

1. Key Tracking Components for a Successful Web Analytics Strategy:

  • Traffic (clickstream)
  • Response and Events (orders, signups, activities)
  • Subscription Sources (finding marketing opportunities)
  • Experimentation and Testing (improvement in creative and UI)
  • Email Analytics (unique perspective of email marketing)

2. There are Different Analytics Tools Available

Keep in mind: The only time you should pay for a web analytic tool is if you want to data warehouse or start profiling for advanced behaviour targeting.

3. Implement Clickstream Tracking

  • Working with your web developer, there are three steps to set up basic analytics tracking:
    1. Sign up for an account
    2. Set up account properties
    3. Set up your tracking code
  • If you already use Google Adwords, use the same account for Analytics, or vice versa
  • Plan account set up to ensure data appears in reports as needed
  • Each website domain or subdomain are separate properties within the same account
  • Install the analytics tracking code on your website that is provided in the account set-up process

4. Link-Tagging

  • Tagging online ads is an important prerequisite to allow Google Analytics to report marketing activities
  • 5 Dimensions of Tracking:
    1. Campaign Source—where is this traffic coming from, i.e name of a website, Google Search, newsletter
    2. Campaign Medium—organic, cpc, email, banners, ads
    3. Campaign Term—keyword, this is used in remarketing Adwords
    4. Campaign Content—version of an ad/email within a campaign A/B testing
    5. Campaign Name—description of an overall campaign
  • Google Analytics automatically tags Adwords campaigns; besides that you should be tagging every link you put out there
  • Click here to use Google's online link builder



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In case you missed it, we've compiled the top takeaways from TC Media production marketing...
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