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Retailer of the Year Award and Eligibility

Magazines Canada recognizes the critical role retailers play in the Canadian magazine landscape. Our annual Retailer of the Year Award is just one of the ways we celebrate and congratulate you, the retailer, for your partnership.

Research confirms time and again that Canadians will buy Canadian magazines when they can find them and retailers are, of course, an integral part in cultivating this connection between readers and magazines. Outstanding retailers not only facilitate the relationship between consumers and their magazines by making quality Canadian titles readily available to the public, but they also know their customers, are willing to try new magazines on their shelves and maintain a steady supply of those trusted, established titles.

The Retailer of the Year is a visionary, a connoisseur and a vital link in Canada's vibrant magazine industry.


Must be a client of Magazines Canada's Distribution Service (minimum of 1 year)

Criteria for Retailers

  • Current with their payments
  • Interested in carrying our titles and willing to try new ones
  • Timely and organized returns
  • Helps to promote Magazines Canada titles
  • Active participant in Newsstand Marketing Program and/or shows support by using promotional materials: signage, backer cards, stickers/decals, etc.

Supplementary Criteria

  • Collaborative
  • Reorders stock when sold out
  • Knowledgeable about MC and its magazines
  • Demonstrates a commitment to Canadian magazines

There is a two-year provincial moratorium after a retailer wins. For instance, in 2008, Mags & Fags in Ottawa, Ontario was named Retailer of the Year; therefore retailers from Ontario are ineligible until 2011. (Sorry, Ontario, nothin' personal!)


All nominating is done internally by Magazines Canada Distribution Staff. MC Distribution staff will produce a short list of retailers who they feel are worthy of the Retailer of the Year honour according to the listed criteria. Staff will discuss their relationship with the retailers and refine their list of worthy candidates until a clear winner is chosen. All decisions are final.


The Retailer of the Year Award is announced and presented at MagNet, Canada's Magazine Conference, in June.

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