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Distribution FAQs

Handy Answers to Questions About Our Distribution Program and How It Works

» When do I get paid for each issue?

» Who do I contact if I have questions about my payment?

» Why are there deductions on my payment?

» Where do I ship my magazines?

» How many copies should I ship?

» How should I ship my magazines?

» Where are my magazines going?

» How do I get a sales report?

» What can impact a slow turnaround of the magazine?

» What's a UPC and how does it work?

» How can I better promote my magazine?

» What is invoicing?

» When does Magazines Canada send invoices?

» How does Magazines Canada maximize my sales?

» What can affect my sales?

» Can I get my unsold copies back?

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Aug 18 2014
Join the Alberta Magazine Publishers...
Aug 19 2014
Join the Alberta Magazine Publishers...
Sept 13 2014
Join the Alberta Magazine Publishers...
Sept 21 2014
A free, annual outdoor festival that celebrates...
Sept 26 2014
The Western Magazine Awards Foundation (WMAF)...
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