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Why Magazines?

An increasing array of compelling new research helps us to understand how magazines may be put to work to meet advertiser needs.

How Magazine Advertising Works (5th Edition)
A summary of research evidence, compiled from around the world, demonstrating how magazine advertising works. Learn more about magazine effectiveness, how magazines work in a mix, the reader’s relationship with magazines and advertisers, case studies and testimonials. It’s a must read for everyone in the advertising and publishing communities.

Put Magazines to Work for You 
A compilation of Canadian consumer magazine industry performance trends, key benefits and the latest research relating to magazine engagement, sales effect and ROI. It’s a useful overview of why magazines should be considered for future plans.

Magazines Connect 2011

Magazines Canada has updated its very successful Magazines Connect video with new data and graphic elements. This short two-minute video is a great way to educate and impress your clients about the strengths of magazines.

If you require additional information, check out the many documents available on this site or contact Magazines Canada for help.

Last Update: February 28, 2014

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