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Connections Study

Magazines Canada partnered with BrandSpark International to create a study investigating what role magazine media (print and digital) plays in the path-to-purchase in comparison to other media. Results demonstrate that magazines play a vital role in connecting, informing, inspiring and influencing consumers throughout the many aspects of their lives. The study sheds light on how magazine media creates relationships with consumers, engenders receptivity to ads and persuades consumers to act. Findings also show magazine media's strength in reaching early adopters and category influencers while generating trust which translates into actions taken.

Final Report

Access the full report in English.


Access the full presentation in English.


Access a series of four videos developed to help support and explain key findings from the study.

Advertising in Magazines Gives You Access to High Value Consumers

Advertising in Magazines Allows You to Deeply Connect with Consumers

Magazine Media Has a Role to Play through All Stages of Consumers' Path to Purchase

Magazine Advertising Generates the Strongest Impact on Purchase Per Media Dollar Spent

Magazines Connect Canadians

State of the Magazine Nation June 27, 2013: How Magazines Connect With Consumers

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