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Get tips and tools for better printing results! Refresh your memory on how to create optimal PDF files; review helpful links for commonly requested topics such as colour management, preflighting, PDF & PDF/X, paper and other important information; and ensure quality control with the dMACS colour bars.

How to Make a Bullet-Proof PDF

Magazines Canada endorses PDF/X1-a files as the preferred file format for the blind exchange of advertising files with magazine publications. To create a bullet-proof PDF file every time, simply follow the steps outlined below (if in doubt, consultation with the publisher/printer is essential to determine the suitability of the file submission):

Digital Control Strip

IDEAlliance ISO 12647-7 Digital Control Strip 2009 (view as PDF)

Primary Uses

  • The target is intended primarily as a control device for pre-press proofs.

  • The target must pass through exactly the same imaging process as a live image, including RIP curves, color management, screening, etc.

  • The target MUST be included on all proofs submitted for IDEAlliance Proofing System certification. Values measured from the target will be used as part of the IDEAlliance proofing system certification process.

Read more information about the control strip.

Production Resources

Magazines Canada provides useful links to assist you in finding information for most commonly requested topics:

Colour Management




General Information


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