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Magazine Eco Kit

Eco Kit coverThe Canadian magazine industry is pleased to announce the Magazine Eco Kit, a compendium of tips, terms, resources and papers for environmentally friendly magazine publishing. 

The Magazine Eco Kit offers a collection of ideas and best practices tohelp publishers make viable choices for a greener, more sustainable publishing industry. The goal of the Eco Kit is to lead all stakeholders, from paper manufacturers to publishers to printers, towards the development, supply and use of new environmentally friendly papers that meet industry quality, price and supply expectations. 

A Paper Breakthrough

The Eco Kit was printed on an experimental new paper comprised of 20 per cent wheat straw, 40 per cent post-consumer recycled fibre and 40 per cent completely chlorine-free virgin wood fibre. The “Wheat Sheet,” considered by many to have been an impossibility, is a landmark in North American paper production: it’s the first glossy, lightweight coated magazine paper made with wheat straw in North America. 

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Last update: January 24, 2012

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