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How Magazines Use Sponsored Video to Connect You to Your Audience

Video content is quickly becoming one of the most important mediums for reaching magazine readers. When magazines partner with an advertiser on a video, it broadens reach exponentially for both parties. Advertisers can reach targeted audiences through the power of a magazine’s brand and lens.

In our new magBlast video, Noreen Flanagan, Editor in Chief of ELLE Canada, Melissa Summerfield, Senior Publisher of Oral Health and Beth Thompson and Erin Dwyer, respectively Editor in Chief and Marketing Solutions Manager of Best Health, demonstrate how co-branded videos can be innovative, creative and engaging while benefitting both readers and advertisers.

Sponsored videos allow advertisers to connect with magazine readers in a more direct and active way than just the printed page.

ELLE Canada (view from 0:13)

In partnership with HBC, ELLE has created a collection of shoppable videos, #shopyourmood, themed around what women shop for in different moods. There are clickable dots that you can click on that pulls to the product displayed, which then leads the customer to the shopping platform.

Through these videos, ELLE was able to combine the magazine’s expertise in telling a story through fashion with HBC’s e-commerce platform and ability to ship products. The videos were hugely successful, with 2.8 million impressions. 72% of the videos were viewed in their entirety.

Oral Health (view from 2:09)

Oral Health creates a variety of sponsored videos including booth videos at trade shows and editorial videos.

Booth videos are beneficial to exhibitors and advertisers. They create buzz at the booth, while making for creative and engaging content at a great price. It also allows people who weren’t able to attend the show a chance to see what they missed.

Business media have a real opportunity at a connection and relationship with readers. They live and breathe their profession, which translates well into the video format as the content can be so targeted in nature.

Best Health (view from 3:23)

FILA approached Best Health when they were looking to connect with a wider audience. At the time, Best Health was going through a re-brand, so it was the perfect opportunity to bring fitness to the masses, together.

Together, they created their 10-minute Tune Ups series—short exercise videos that are accessible on YouTube and through the Layar app in their print magazine. Best Health is able to deliver the audience that FILA wants, without the advertiser having to look for them.

Sponsored videos don’t have a shelf life—they continue to live and breathe on websites, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Advertisers get instant credibility when they can associate with reputable magazine media brands, and the magazine gets instant evergreen content while gaining a wider audience. A win-win!

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