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Engaging audiences with sponsored events - Spacing's 'Toronto the Good'

Matthew Blackett, Publisher and Creative Director of Spacing, discusses the importance of events to Spacing's brand, particularly the "Toronto the Good" parties.

The magazine brand puts on four issue launch parties per year, in addition to other events in Toronto. Watch now to learn more about Spacing's "Toronto the Good" event, where they partner with an architect, and about the importance the magazine places on choosing the right sponsors to ensure a good fit with their brand.

Sponsored events have become an innovative way for magazine media brands to create a lasting impression on their readers and promote both the publication and the advertiser. Targeted events give advertisers the opportunity to reach specific demographic groups and associate their brand with the magazine brand's image and reputation.

Engaging audiences with sponsored events - TAPS 'Canadian Brewing Awards'

Rob Engman, President of TAPS media, discusses the magazine’s yearly event, the Canadian Brewing Awards, and how it has grown substantially over the years.

The two-day awards gala and conference is funded by both the entry fees and sponsorships, putting the focus on the brewers and suppliers of the brewing industry.

Sponsored events have become an innovative way for magazine media brands to create a lasting impression on their readers and promote both the publication and the advertiser. Targeted events give advertisers the opportunity to reach specific demographic groups and associate their brand with the magazine brand’s image and reputation.

Watch now to learn how the magazine media brand partners works with enthusiastic sponsors to produce a live stream of the ceremony to produce the ‘Canadian Brewing Awards’.

Engaging audiences with sponsored events – Toronto Life's 'Most Influential'

Sarah Fulford, Editor in Chief and Yen Tran, former Marketing Manager at Toronto Life, discuss the success of their annual "Most Influential" party, which is sponsored by many advertisers.

Sponsored events have become an innovative way for magazine media brands to create a lasting impression on their readers and promote both the publication and the advertiser. Targeted events give advertisers the opportunity to reach specific demographic groups and associate their brand with the magazine brand's image and reputation.

Watch now to learn how the magazine media brand partners with advertisers to leverage their readership and reputation to produce the popular "Most Influential" event.


How magazine brands measure 360 degree reach and influence

Magazines have extended their brands into websites, e-newsletters, events, social media and apps. Now, more than ever, it has become important for credible data to be available to support all channels and touch points of a magazine’s brand. With AAM and CCAB’s new media reports, it is now easier than ever for publishers to demonstrate their brand’s footprint, all in one document.

Media owners now have the opportunity to disclose their social media connections, event registration, webinar registration, e-newsletter reach, online traffic, app downloads and more through CCAB and AAM’s reporting tools. These credible and actionable metrics allow media buyers to fully evaluate a brand’s footprint to instill confidence into media buyers’ advertiser investments.

Learn how AAM and CCAB’s media reports work and how they can streamline your metrics.

For further information, please contact:

Tim Peel, Vice President, CCAB BPA Worldwide
Joan Brehl, VP/General Manager, AAM Canada

Additional resources:

CCAB BPA Worldwide

State of the Magazine Nation

Posted: December 2012

Our annual State of the Magazine Nation event was held November 28 at Arcadian Court in Toronto. Presenters Steve Maich, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Sportsnet magazine and Merida Lake, Brand Director of Fresh Juice magazine, gave their thoughts on how they see the magazines of the future unfolding.

Steve and Merida spoke on their experiences and thinking behind their fairly recent magazine media launches, and as well as their strategies for embracing print, digital and social spaces.

Magazines Use Social Media To Engage In New Ways

Posted: October 5, 2012

Magazines Canada's new magblast video shows the ways in which magazines are using social media to move forward with the changing digital landscape. It teaches how to use different channels of social media to promote your brand and improve reach on ad campaigns, gain followers and how to eventually monetize those followers by turning them into subscribers.

Ken Hunt, VP Digital of St Joseph Media and Sue Haas, Digital Director of Cottage Life Media, share their knowledge of incorporating social media to extend a magazine’s brand. Social media allows magazines to communicate with their audience.  These publishers have used social media tie-ins for their ad campaigns, and demonstrate how they use the curatorial aspect of Pinterest to establish their brand’s ethos and share their brand's interests.

Tablet Magazines: The Best of Print & Digital

Posted: September 6, 2012

Engaging magazine visuals and inspirational storey-telling is brought to life in new ways on digital tablets. Together, they represent the best of print and digital all rolled into one.

Magazines Canada’s latest magblast episode focuses on how tablet magazines are evolving with readers and advertisers as they experience a whole new way to engage with great magazine content.

Jeff Barlow, Senior Director Marketing Solutions & Innovations at Rogers, and Kelly Whitelock, Associate Publisher of The Kit, give us their insights into how tablets and magazines work together to deliver unique consumer experiences, social acquisition, ecommerce opportunities and brand loyalty.

Making Print Pop: Inspiration for Creative Ad Executions

Posted: January 18, 2012

The creative possibility of a magazine page is limitless. Wow and inspire your clients and advertisers with this extensive show-and-tell of advertising creation for the magazine page, including cover executions, couponing, sampling, and interactive and unconventional ad examples.

“Making Print Pop” shows how the print page can be used to entertain and engage readers, encouraging them to make purchase decisions. 

Business to Business Publishing with Neil Hiscox

Posted: Jul 6, 2010

Servicing the many and varied needs of business sector professionals, business to business publishers are evolving into 360º marketing providers, surrounding their audiences with print, online, mobile and event touch points. More than ever, business media are sought out as quality, timely content providers helping their diverse audiences become more successful in their spheres of interest.

In this latest magblast episode, guest speaker Niel Hiscox, Vice President, Publishing at CLB Media, discusses the rapid transition of business to business publishing into the digital space and the ongoing role of print.

Access the Magazines Canada Business Media Fact Book for more information about B2B, or Business Media, publishing.

Magazine Innovation with Lynn Chambers

Posted: Feb 18, 2010

The run of press (ROP) ad page is a powerful marketing tool but sometimes it’s important to make an even bigger splash. Magazines can be used in any number of creative and innovative ways to deliver the right brand statement. Inserts, advertorials, web, mobile and augmented reality applications are just some of the ways in which advertisers can impact and engage a select target audience. In this magblast episode, guest speaker Lynn Chambers (Group Publisher, Canadian Living and Homemakers magazines), discusses how you can use innovation to make magazine ads work harder.

The Value of the ROP Ad Page with Kenneth Whyte

Posted: Sep 2, 2009

The run of press (ROP) ad page is the workhorse of magazine advertising. But, in reality, it’s much more. The ROP ad page services the many and varied need of consumers. They attract reader attention, deliver important brand information, report on what’s new, and prompt consumer action. ROP ad pages add value for both readers and advertisers. In this magblast episode, guest speaker Kenneth Whyte, Editor-in-Chief of Maclean’s, discusses the power and value of the ROP ad page.

How Magazines Work Hard in a Soft Economy

Posted: Apr 29, 2009

In today’s climate, marketing and media plans have to work harder than ever to generate brand momentum. Advertisers are looking for reassurance and value. In this magblast episode, guest speaker Fred Auchterlonie, Senior Vice President and Director of Client Services at PHD Canada discusses the role that magazines play in creating a “value equation”: ad receptivity and engagement; creativity; efficient targeting; consumer action; brand building. Here's your 3½ minute look at how magazines work in a soft economy.

Power of Editorial Surround with Tant & Pittaway

Posted: Jan 13, 2009

Your primer on the fundamentals of how magazine editorial attracts readers and creates a powerful environment for advertisers. Magazine editorial plays a critical role in attracting desirable readers and creating an environment where advertisers can make a powerful impression. The editorial environment rubs off on the advertising to create a “presenter effect”, ensuring that the ads are seen as a valuable part of the magazine package. In this magblast episode, guest experts Lisa Tant (Editor-In-Chief, Flare magazine) and Kim Pittaway (magazine writer and consultant) share their thoughts about the power of the editorial surround: what makes for great editorial; how it engages and creates a close relationship with consumers; and more.

Integrating Magazines & Online with Neve & Machado

Posted: Sep 22, 2008

Magazines and online media together provide advertisers with complimentary touch points that both engage reader passions and offer greater connectivity among like-minded consumers. Magazine/online integration offers exciting new opportunities to get closer to the consumer and build business. In this magblast podcast, guest experts Bruce Neve (President, Mediaedge:cia) and Kim Machado (General Manager, discuss integration of magazines and online: what are the benefits, what is the role of each medium, fundamental tips and more. It's about reaching consumers in new, integrated ways.

Reaching Readers with Randy Craig & Tim Hughes

Posted: May 6, 2008

Your primer on the fundamentals of reaching magazine readers Magazines provide advertisers with access to their loyal readers by providing an engaging environment and a very personal connection. At the heart of this personal connection is this: consumers access magazines on their own terms. They read their magazines when they’re ready. They read their magazines when—and where—they want to. In this magblast podcast, guest experts Randy Craig (Director of Advertising & Marketing, Cottage Life & explore) and Tim Hughes (Managing Partner, Client Business Director, MindShare Canada) explore the mechanics behind the close relationship readers have with their magazines. Understanding this relationship allows us to reach readers, on their terms.

Permission Marketing with Michele Beaulieu

Posted: Feb 12, 2008

Magazine readers engage in a relentless search for new ideas that they discover through our medium's unique mix of editorial content and advertisements. Every time you pick up a magazine, whether you receive it in your mailbox, flip though it at your physician’s waiting room or bring it home from your local newsstand, you are actually giving your permission to be marketed to. In this magblast podcast, our guest media expert Michele Beaulieu (Senior Vice-President and Group Media Director of Starcom Worldwide) explains that magazines effectively embrace the tenets of permission marketing—a term that builds upon the principles of reader engagement.

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