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magWorks is a cost-effective way to test performance of magazine advertising creative.

Starch Research, a specialist in measuring magazine advertising performance, has teamed with Magazines Canada to design a study that helps advertisers assess overall ad impact, communication value, visual focal points, purchase intent and more. magWorks will help advertisers tilt the odds of success in their favour by providing rapid communication feedback on advertising performance.

magWorks is a low-cost investment that helps to ensure the maximum return on the print media investment. It helps strengthen that all-important connection between advertiser and consumer.

Exercise greater control over the effectiveness and competitiveness of your print investment by:

  • Testing ads or campaigns before they’ve hit the market or monitoring them to understand what works among your target consumers;
  • Learning the effectiveness and competitiveness of your competitor’s ads;
  • Ensuring consistent communication of key brand attributes across various campaigns over time;
  • Guaranteeing that individual ads clearly communicate the brand name and that ad copy engages and persuades consumers of your category;
  • Ensuring that ads create/reinforce a positive brand image and that consumers are being motivated to purchase.

Let magWorks increase the effectiveness of your magazine advertising!

Visit for further information or to submit a request for quotation.


Last Update: February 28, 2014

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